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Ed Biagiotti - Vocals Vocalist Ed Biagiotti has released two solo albums under the name Ed the Word. Prior to Coconut Donut, Ed performed live, up and down the west coast, as the front man for Monkey Wagon.

Ed is the co-host of the internationally popular podcast, Funniest Thing! with Darrell and Ed on Unity Online Radio. Each week they share stories about how stepping out boldly always leads to better-than-expected outcomes. Coconut Donut is an example of that philosophy in motion.

During the day, Ed is the Inclusion Specialist for Culver City Unified School District. His weekly column, Tapping Into Genius, focuses on simple tools for successfully connecting with yourself and others, and appears in several local publications.

Kurt Nous - All Guitars Born and raised in upstate New York Kurt Nous is a self taught guitarist and that's it.

Jason Bittner - Drums & Percussion Jason Bittner is best known as the drummer for American Heavy Metal band, Shadows Fall, as well as thrash metal legends Flotsam and Jetsam . He is also known to for being an occasional "fill-in" drummer for thrash metal pioneers, Anthrax. One of the most popular and celebrated current drummers in metal, he has won numerous awards including Modern Drummer Reader's poll for #1 Up and Coming Drummer in 2004, and in 2005; #1Metal Drummer as well as #1 Best Recorded Performance for the Shadows Fall album The War Within. He won #1 Metal drummer again in MD in 2006, followed by #1 Metal in the DRUM! Reader's poll in 2007. He has also been nominated for 2 Grammy awards, and was voted one of the top 3 clinicians in 2010 by the reader's of DRUM! magazine. He is recognized for his tight playing, extensive skill with double bass drumming, particularly his ability to play complex patterns at high speeds and his familiarity with numerous styles of drumming, including Latin, Afro-Cuban, and jazz.

Chris Rybitski - Bass (Tracks 1,2,4,7,10)

Tim Lynch - Bass (Tracks 3,9,11) Keyboards (Tracks 7,8)

Ed Lanouette - Bass (Tracks 6,8) Ed has played bass in a wide range of styles from jazz, Latin Jazz, progressive rock all the way to metal. He is currently the bassist/composer with guitarist Steve Etzel in "Midnight Whiskey Worship" featuring Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall, Flotsam Jetsam) and Frank Aresti (Fates Warning, Dark Day Sunday). "MWW" EP due to release early 2016.

Ed has his Masters in Jazz Performance from The Boston Conservatory and a Bachelors from Berklee College of music studied under Whitman Brown (Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespi, Sonny Sitt), Rich Appleman (Lionel Hampton, Jon Scofield), Joe Santere (Steve Morse, John Petrucci). He is also a graduate of the Musicians Institute where he studied under Gary Willis (Tribal Tech), Bob Magnusson, Richard Maloof. His education has afforded him many opportunities in many professional settings including the cruise ship industry as a music director. He has lead various Jazz ensembles and floor shows for feature entertainers.

Ed's performance credits include; Shadows Fall, Dark Day Sunday, King Whack, Xixxo, Mauro Oliva's City of Angels and session work for major advertisers for TV and radio.

Josh Greenberg - Saxaphone (Track 11) Josh Greenberg is a musician, composer, producer and educator from Albany, NY. He plays saxophones, flute, and bassoon in a variety of bands, performing jazz, blues, pop and classical in a variety of venues. He has written and produced three albums of jazz for children with his own group, "The Mother Goose Jazz Band," winning awards from the American Library Association and Family Life Magazine.

He can be reached at joshmgjb124@aol.com, C-518-410-5431

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