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ABOUT COCONUT DONUT Coconut Donut is a band that came together in October of 2013. Kurt Nous and Ed Biagiotti came together at a wedding of a mutual friend. Two things sparked their connection: music and coconut donuts. In the six months that followed, Kurt and Ed wrote song after song, sending tracks back and forth via email. Ed's wife, Jennifer, noted the duo's enthusiastic appreciation of the coconut donut from the world famous Randy's Donuts in Los Angeles, and jokingly suggested that they name the band after it. So they did.

During the writing of the album, Kurt was in New York, while Ed was living in Santa Monica, California. As the pair shared their creations with friends, an excitement grew within them. Before long it was clear that an album must be properly recorded. When that decision was made, Nous approached legendary metal drummer Jason Bittner, who was drumming with Shadows Fall. Nous asked him to drum on the record. Bittner liked what he heard and jumped on board the Donut. Bassist Chris Rybitski, another friend of Kurt's, also liked what he heard and began recording his bass lines in his home studio in Colorado. The combined talents of these four players, with the a few added basslines thrown in by Ed Lanouette and Engineer Tim Lynch (Owner of The Recording Company, where the record was recorded), created their new release, Musically Delicious.

The songs are heartfelt, melodic, and catchy. They are easy to digest, full of tasty licks, deep grooves, and soulful lyrics. Listener's will agree that each song is Musically Delicious.

You Deserve a Donut!

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